Automate 30% of your Customer Service requests in 30 days

Zero upfront investment. Pay for results, not promises. Powered by GPT-4

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We believe that everyone deserves a LEGENDARY customer experience. Even if it’s 2 am and the customer wants to change their shipping method.

So after 6 years of developing Conversational AI for Fortune 500 companies, we created

Our solution automates up to 90% of Customer Service requests within 12 months.

Our big goal is to make Fortune-500 AI quality affordable for any COO.

So that’s why we offer a No-Risk model.

No upfront payments. No tech support is needed from you.

Only pay $1 per each resolved ticket.

How we help

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Smart automation that covers up to 90% of service requests

Our team of AI experts deploys a chatbot on multiple messaging channels.
The Conversational AI speaks 100+ languages and provides highly personalized answers 24/7.

What makes us LEGENDARY

No risk + No-cost set up 30-day trial including CRM integration

30% automation within 30 days - up to 90% automation within 12 months

Smart pricing - you pay ONLY for conversations resolved via chatbot

Proven track record of >10x ROI within 12 months

Full technical, implementation, and advisory support included

Dashboarding that delivers data-driven impact reports

What we deliver

30%requests automation in 30 days
>90%reduction of customer waiting time
up to 90%requests automation in 6-12 month

"For us, the chatbot’s value was obvious. Instead of a person with higher education and qualifications sitting and copying the order status, they now perform marketing and sales activities."

Nadiya Vrublevska
Organisational Development Director at ProSteer Group


The team was proactive, well-organized, and flexible. It’s clear that they are deeply committed to achieving successful outcomes for their customers and go the extra mile to exceed expectations. We’re delighted to have found such a dedicated partner.

Jacklyn Trejo - Product Manager, Samsung NEXT

The whole process has been great. The team is communicative, flexible, and skilled. They are always easy to work with and delivers user-friendly solutions.

Melissa M. - Senior Manager, Natera

They’re solution-oriented. When faced with a challenge, they see it as something to overcome instead of a roadblock. Coming up with different ways to address the issue, they’re very constructive.

Barney Evison - Senior Digital Strategist, Software Company

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